Letters from our Guests

Tim McPhee wrote…

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful evening my son, his wife, and myself had at the bavarian grill. Ever since last winter when we were there the first time I knew I wanted to go back. My son, Ben, and his wife, Kim, went to college at Madison, Wisconsin. There, he picked up a taste for variety in beer. He was very interested in going to your restaurant, having heard about it from some friends. His enthusiasm sold me immediately. Brigetta made the four of us feel at home right away( my wife, Linda, was with us). She recommended the Kostritzer Schwarzbier (delicious) and her reading of the menu in German made the prime rib ( tafelspitz?) absolutely scrumptious. This year we had the pleasure of Kim for our server. Much to my delight she had a voice and mannerisms that reminded me of my sister-in-law, Kim. She pretty much challanged me to eat the poached salmon( it’s very rich), the bread pudding( it’s very filling), and sample two or three biers( Ayinger Celebrator, Diebel Alt, Spaten Optimator). I enjoy eating great food and drinking great bier and dinner that evening was an experience I won’t soon forget. By the way, I ate every last morsel. Kim said she wouldn’t have guessed I would, I’m kind of small. I’m sending some pictures. Thank you again for such a wonderful time. I’m already looking forward to seeing you all the next time I’m in Dallas.

Tim McPhee

Good afternoon Tim:

Thank you very much for your nice letter! I love to share it with the service team tomorrow in the meeting. They deserve the praise. Would you allow me to publish your letter on our webpage as a guest feed back example? Thank you again for your kind words and pictures, we love to welcome you back the very next time you come to Plano. Have a great weekend.

Juergen and the Bavarian Grill Team

Good evening Juergen and Bavarian Grill Team, I am delighted to hear that you have meetings. It fits in with the whole atmosphere you present to your customers, you know your stuff. As a plumber I admire and enjoy interacting with professional people. Confidence in your own abilities and those on the team can make for such an extraordinary product be it a brand new bathroom or an incredible dining experience. Yes you may use my letter. I have selfish hope that it will bring more people to the Bavarian Grill which will make it more successful and that in turn will give the employees greater satisfaction with the end result that I can keep coming back for more …. stuff! See you soon,

Tim McPhee.

Charles and Susan Harrison wrote…

My husband and I got to eat for the first time in your fine establishment last Wednesday evening with our dear friends, Inga, Gina, and Fred of www.GermanDeli.com. What a wonderful experience! We lived in Germany for over twelve years and your entertainment, food, staff and atmosphere brought so many wonderful memories to mind! We were extremely surprised to see the very same Monika Keller-Cole lithographs of Rothenburg hanging in your restaurant as we have in our home, in addition to a stammtisch teller like every local restaurant in Stuttgart had…how I wish I could locate a stammtisch teller for our home! Anyway, thank you very much for a lovely evening and be assured that we will return and send friends and family your way.

Thank you very much for a wonderful dining experience!

Charles and Susan Harrison
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Floyd wrote…

Juergen, I’m a little tardy with this, but I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the dinner Wednesday night. The food, the service, the hospitality were all great. I really felt honored to be included.

After it was over I was thinking about the summer night some six years ago when I first came into the Bavarian Grill. I immediately felt like I would enjoy it, but I no idea what a special place it would become for me and how many good friends — including you — I would meet.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you in a few days.


David Wells wrote…

To the ownership, management, and staff

My friends and I recently had lunch at the Bavarian Grill, on the 13th of September. When we first came in to the restaurant, we were greeted by a friendly and courteous gentleman. We were then led to our table by young women who always had a smile on her face, and a kind word to say weather it was to us, or to the couple with a child beside us. The waitress was very patient with us, as tried to decide what we wanted. The food came and I was very pleased, the meat loaf was so tender and flavorful, and the potatoes was awesome. All I can say is that we will come back to visit and enjoy your wonderful food of Germany. Please let every one there how much we enjoyed dining there, and our compliments the chef.

David Wells
of Tyler Texas

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