Letters from our Guests

What our Guests say about Us:

My Fiancée and I had dinner there. It was so much…fun? Surrounded by Germans and bier can be either a good thing or an overwhelming experience. This was a GREAT thing. Voted best German restaurant in the USA. It lived up up to its name. If your in the DFW please do yourself a favor and eat here. The goulash is to die for and the roast chicken is really a roasted chicken. Go Figure?! So glad to have taken the time out of our day to spend our money here. The bread they serve is so warm and fresh, I could have probably not ordered anything! Thank you, Bavarian Grill, for bringing actual German cuisine to Texas and the United States!!!  Greg Coppens wrote on facebook

“My wife lived for several years in Germany as a child. She has been disappointed every single time we have tried German food, even in Epcots around the worlds showcase. I found the Barvarian Grill while looking for a new and special place to take her this weekend, and thought at least I’d get brownie points for trying. Well thank you Bavarian Grill I hit a grand slam with you. I was a Chef for …years, love and passion is what we tasted in your food. My wife was in heaven remembering favorite childhood dishes. The staff was amazing. As a restaurant manager I always wanted a guest never to need ask for anything. We got that here. My drinks were filled before I thought about refill,given, recommendations that were great. The manager stopped by to thank us, checked on us twice in a packed restaurant, and on our way out thanked again with a handshake. The music was so wonderful. The authentic dress and decor made you feel as though you went on a vacation. This place deserves every award they received. My mission when I was in the industry was to provide not a meal, but a dining experience. Bavarian Grill gave my wife and I a wonderful dining experience. Thank you. You have new regulars despite the 30 minute drive.” on Bavarian Grill’s timeline.

Once again all was great. My daughters and son were in and wanted a great place to have a nice unrushed “family” meal and as always you good people did not disappoint. Will always stop by when I am in town and over all these years your restaurant, family and workers have always been the best in the business! Best luck for a win again this year! Robert from Oklahoma

We had a wonderful time!!!

The food was awesome and Madeleine, our waitress was AWESOME!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Amie and Jamie E.

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