Letters from our Guests

To all the staff @ Bavarian Grill,
Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much we enjoyed our dinner on the evening of the 10th of March. We were staying in Dallas to catch an early flight to Puerto Rico for a cruise vacation. I love German food and beer (not necessarily in that order!). My wife’s tastes are a little more subdued, but even she thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I love all types of food. Of all the foods I enjoy, I love German food the best even over Italian food! To the point – I don’t believe that I have ever had better! I would eat at your establishment even if you lost your liquor license (Don’t be foolish however and let that happen). Matter of fact, we live in Tyler only a scant hour and 45 minutes away. We will definitely be back soon (sooner I hope!). I’ve got to work on my stein card! We even enjoyed the gentleman performing the live music – just tell him to slow Edelweiss down some. Only one area of disappointment – I probably would have bought a stein, but there were just not enough to choose from. So…. you probably saved me some money. I should probably look at that as another plus! auf Wiedersehen!

Matt and Lara Smith

I just wanted to write you a quick note… My boss took our team out to lunch at your restaurant today, and I ordered the stuffed chicken with white asparagus and cheese on the lunch menu. I just wanted to let you know that was SO delicious … I can’t even describe it. My taste buds have been demanding a return visit tonight! It was just a perfect blend. Kudos to the chef. I will probably have to come back this weekend for a repeat performance.

Thank you! Julie

Marc Freedman, Executive Director,
The DallasBlue Business Network, http://DallasBlue.com

“Juergen, thank you for a terrific event. I highly recommend the Bavarian Grill for group functions. The restaurant provides full technical support for high tech meetings with wireless Internet and projector. The room is private. Food and service were both excellent. I appreciated your flexibility and personal attention.
I look forward to scheduling more events.”

My name is Mark, and I had the pleasant experience to dine, along with two of my best friends, at your restaurant Saturday evening (1 October). This was probably my 10th visit to your restaurant. Each visit has been wonderful, from the food, to the wine, to the music, and the service. Last evening’s experience was still the best. My friends and I were not aware, before we arrived, that you were celebrating Schnitzel Fest. Wow!
As has always been the case, we were greeted and seated quickly. The most difficult part of the entire evening was making the decision “which one schnitzel will I eat?” I had a lot of trouble deciding, so I asked our water, Robert Richards, what he might recommend. Robert suggested the Baden Baden Schnitzel. To accompany the entrée, he suggested I try the Dornfelder Pinot Noir wine. It was a perfect pairing, especially with the Emmentaler cheese on the schnitzel. With the rotkraut and creamed spinach, it was a most excellent meal. My companions both chose the Jagerschnitzel and enjoyed their meals, as well.
The food was excellent. The atmosphere was excellent. The service was knowledgeable, friendly, prompt and accurate. I must compliment Robert for the attentive and friendly service he provided; it really enhanced the evening.
Thank you for consistently providing a first-rate dining experience. I hope to visit Bavarian Grill again very soon, and to introduce my sister and brother-in-law to your restaurant.



Virginia wrote:

Just wanted to write a thank you to you and all of the folks that made our office party so much fun. Already having requests to do it there again next year. Told them I didn’t know if you all could take us two years in a row. Certainly hope you were able to see just how much fun all of our employees had. Ludwig Koubus was awesome and reminded me so very much of my dad. My dad was full blooded German, and one of those folks that NEVER met a stranger. He had the same outgoing personality that Lou has. Loved joking with everybody and always was fun to be around.

The food was absolutely delicious all the way around. We could not have asked for a better party. To you we are very grateful for everything.

Hope you and your family have a safe and Happy New Year.

We tried to come eat Saturday, but you all were closed for the holiday. Certainly glad you got to do that. We are planning to come though very soon. Several of our employees didn’t know you all were there, but now want to take their families there to eat, so you may be seeing some familiar faces in the crowd. If they start dancing on the table tops, they aren’t ours!!!!! Well, they may be!!!!!

Thanks again, and Happy New Year.

Virginia and Allan deVilleneuve

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