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    • Schnapps - Ice Cold Shots

    • Berentzen Apfelkorn

      Berentzen Apfelkorn

      Apple liqueur made with clean apple juice and double distilled grain spirits.

    • Linie Aquavit

      Linie Aquavit

      From Norway – Produced from potatoes and flavored with caraway and herbs. Then the tastes are mellowed by rolling oak casks that travel through various conditions during a 4 and a half month voyage at sea crossing the equator twice.

    • Gilka Kaiser Kümmel

      Gilka Kaiser Kümmel

      The original Kümmel from Berlin.

    • Bärenjäger


      Rich, smooth and sweet honey liqueur.

    • Steinhäger


      Germany’s oldest dry gin, flavored with juniper.

    • Jubiläums Akvavit

      Jubiläums Akvavit

      Distilled from grain and potatoes, flavored with a hint of caraway, dill and coriander seeds – the water of life.

    • Wein - und Obstbrände – Wine and Fruit Brandies

    • Asbach Uralt

      Asbach Uralt

      Classic brandy from wines from the River Rhine, aged in small oak casks.

    • Schladerer Williams Christ Birne

      Schladerer Williams Christ Birne

      Clear pear flavored brandy from the Black Forest.

    • Schladerer Himbeergeist

      Schladerer Himbeergeist

      Fruity raspberry brandy with a great nose

    • Schladerer Kirschwasser 

      Schladerer Kirschwasser 

      Clear Black Forest cherry brandy

    • Kammer Obstler

      Kammer Obstler

      A Black Forest farmers treat distilled from pears and apples

    • Calvados


      The classic apple brandy from Normandy

    • Liköre

    • Schladerer Edelkirsch

      Schladerer Edelkirsch

      The Edel-Kirsch is made by adding a Schladerer brandy base to a mixture of pure cane sugar and Black Forest cherry fruit juice to create a medium sweet delicacy

    • Schladerer Himbeerlikör Black Forest Raspberry Liqueur

      Schladerer Himbeerlikör Black Forest Raspberry Liqueur

      The basis for this fruity liqueur is natural raspberry juice and our unique Wild Raspberry Brandy. For this, we use fragrant, hand-picked forest raspberries from the Carpathians and the Black Forest. The fine raspberry aroma of the fruit brandy provides a perfect basis for the fruity liqueur with its full raspberry flavor. The natural ingredients for a chilled-out summer drink.

    • Kroatzbeere


      Rich, thick blackberry liqueur

    • Goldschläger


      Sweet cinnamon liqueur with 24k gold flakes

    • Rumpel Minze

      Rumpel Minze

      Clear, sweet peppermint liqueur with an intense flavor

    • Killepitsch


      Dark red with more than 90 fruits, berries, herbs and spices

    • Jägermeister


      Germany’s classic herb liqueur with secret herbs and spices

    • Mozart Schokoladen aus Salzburg

      Mozart Schokoladen aus Salzburg

      From dark and bittersweet, to milk chocolate and white chocolate

Also available are Scotches, Bourbons and Canadian Whiskeys, Rum, Tequila and Gin from famous distilleries.