• Süss Speisen - Dessert

    • Bienenstich


      A delicious German tradition! Rich almond creme between two layers of white cake topped with toasted almonds.

    • Obstquark Käsekuchen

      Obstquark Käsekuchen

      Light crust Cheesecake filled with homemade Quark, a special soft white Bavarian Cheese, and Spring Berries and other seasonal Fruits

    • Pfirsich Streusel Auflauf

      Pfirsich Streusel Auflauf

      Peach cobbler straight from the oven with whipped cream.

    • Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

      Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

      Traditional Black Forest cake with tart cherries and whipped cream.

    • Prinz Regenten Torte

      Prinz Regenten Torte

      The pride and joy of Bavarian pastry chefs - moist sponge cake alternating with seven rich layers chocolate cream surrounded with dark Swiss chocolate icing. For chocolate lovers only!

    • Waldbeeren Torte mit Schlag

      Waldbeeren Torte mit Schlag

      Light sponge cake topped with vanilla cream and a juicy blend of blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

    • Warmer Chiemgauer Kirschenmichel

      Warmer Chiemgauer Kirschenmichel

      Our oven-warm bread pudding is brimming with sweet Bing cherries, sweetened with Dutch chocolate cacao, with vanilla sauce.

    • Quark Käse Kuchen

      Quark Käse Kuchen

      Our Bavarian Cheesecake, made with real, fresh Quark. The flavor will vary, please ask your Bavarian Food and Bier Expert for today's flavor.

    • Heisse Beeren auf Vanilleeis

      Heisse Beeren auf Vanilleeis

      Warm berries Jubilee over Henry's fresh Bavarian vanilla ice cream.