Letters from our Guests

Chuck Grimes wrote….

To the manager of Bavarian Grill and waitress Lea:

I want to take a moment to thank you for a great dining experience at your restaurant on Saturday, Nov. 27.

I’ve been to your restaurant a half dozen times or so, and each time it has been a great experience. The food, the service, the music, the atmosphere is all great.

But our experience on Saturday went above all that, and I wanted to thank you.

Lea was our waitress. She did a FANTASTIC job, very professional and patient with our table. We had three families and a total of 13 people. She always came to the table with a smile, she filled our drinks up more often than I could count, and she came to our table on three different occassions to keep us updated on the status of our meal, which definitely eased many anxious and hungry people. Also, we had a birthday at the table, and she played the cowbells right on tune. And in the end, she divided off the bill with ease.

Lea was simply awesome, and you should give her a raise for being a positive part of the dining experience.

I also noticed how the rest of the staff, from waitresses to cleaning staff, and they looked like they were having a fun, relaxing night as well. If anyone was “in the weeds,” as they use when they are very busy, then it never showed in the quality of the service.

The two-man band playing the music was very entertaining. I’d seen them on previous visits, so I sang along, drank and laughed.

Overall, the whole dining night was excellent.

Way too often, people will complain about service, so I wanted to take the time to give you some positive feedback.

I look forward to coming again and having Lea wait on our table. She is a wonderful lady, and very lovely too.

Thanks again, and I salute the greatness of your restaurant.


Andy Farr wrote….

To all,

This is just a note to say thank you for providing such a wonderful atmosphere and food for my parents 50th wedding anniversary on this past Saturday evening. Everyone was overwhelmed with your service and hospitality – and especially the food. The evening brought back special memories for everyone of the times they have spent living in Germany.

Thank you again,

We will be back for more.

Andy Farr

Sula Bullington wrote…

We had the pleasure of dining at the Bavarian Grill on Tuesday night, July 30, 2002 with our son and his family who live in Plano and had enjoyed your food and service several times before that. They were in Germany four years…first in Stuttgart and then in Ansbach…and they loved Germany and the German food. We visited them three times and ate out most all of the time, as we all loved the food so much. We have tried several German restaurants in several cities in the U.S. to try to find food like we enjoyed so much over there….in Milwaukee, WI, Colorado Springs, CO, and Georgetown, TX, and yours is the very best of all. I love the Wienerschnitzel and spaetzle most of all, and yours was the very first that was as good as I had in Germany and the portion was much larger. We all enoyed different entrees, appetizers, and two of your luscious desserts, and couldn’t have been more pleased. You can be sure we will be back (we live in Hurst on the Fort Worth side of the Metroplex) at the first opportunity, and I am sure my son and his family will bring their friends and other relatives there even more often than we can make it in. Brigette made us feel right at home from the very first moment we were there. Thank you for being there and keep up the good quality as we will be back, and recommend you to our friends on this side of the metroplex.

Sula Bullington

Good morning Mrs. Bullington:

Thank you very much for taking the time to send us your very positive comments. I will take great pleasure to share your letter with our team this afternoon in our service meeting. I am particularly happy to receive your feed back as I took my family to Germany and just returned yesterday. It is always extra enjoyable to know that the team does well for our guests.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, we love to see you and your family again soon. Would you be so kind and give me your permission to publish your letter on our webpage?

Have a wunderful weekend!


Thank you for your response to my letter after we had the pleasure of dining at your restaurant last week. I meant every word I said but am not very good at condensing my thoughts into a few words. However, if you would like to publish it on your webpage, please feel free to do so. I forgot to mention how much we enjoyed the music, both the recorded and the live music as well. We will be recommending you to everyone we know who might want to drive to Plano for the best German food and great service we have found, and will be returning as often as time and money permit to eat there again ourselves. Continued success to you and we are so happy to enjoy the great food we found in Germany right here close to home, as I am not sure I will ever be well enough to take a long flight there again. We would all love to visit again, as we all loved Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The Black Forest area and Bavarian area (I know my son and daughter-in-law who lived there for four years know the difference in these two regions or if they are combined, but I can’t remember except for the neat thatched roof on the front of the houses in the Black Forest area and the wood carvings and distinctive architecture of the homes in the Bavarian region). We were all impressed by the cleanliness, strong work etchic, and friendliness of the people there as well as the great food.

Sula Bullington

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