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Bavarian Grill Stein Club – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stein Club?

The Stein Club was established in 1993 and consists of Bavarian Grill guests who enjoy German Bier and networking with other patrons.  The club also contributes to local charities such as God’s Pantry, CASA, and Plano Christmas Cops as well as hold special events such as our annual school supply and food drives.

How do I become a Stein Club member?

Simply pick up a Bier Card at the restaurant and every time you drink a Bier, the waitstaff will sign off that Bier on your card.  Once you have completed your first side of the card, either the “Fass” or the “Flasche” side you are considered a either a “Fass” or a “Flasche” Stein Club Member and will receive your own Stein which can be used at the restaurant! You will become a full member when you finish the other side. Remember it is up to you to manage your card and your stein.

Stein Club

What does becoming a Stein Club Member mean?

You are now welcome to at all Stein Club meetings which are held every other month as well as attend the annual Christmas party. Meetings are on the second Wednesday of odd number months (January, March, May, July, September, and November).

Also the Stein Club has special off-menu dinners on even months. While these dinners are open to all, members receive a discount for themselves.

What do typical meetings consist of?

We typically have a knowledgeable guest speaker who provides information on a variety of Bier and breweries. Snacks and 2 Bier are provided. We hold a raffle for a “meat cooler” from Hirsch’s Meat Market who has been a great supporter over the years.

What are some of the typical dinners through the club?

Some of the dinners are Eisbein, Spanferkel (roasted pig), and Aschaffenburger Schlachtefest. The dinners are typically served with 2 Bier specially selected for the dinner.

Is the Stein Club part of the restaurant?

We do not work for the Bavarian Grill but they sponsor the club and a lot of the activities. If you have questions on the menu, Bier availability, reservations, etc. please contact the restaurant at 972-881-0705.

How can I get current information on the Bavarian Grill and the Stein Club?

Additional information can be found on the restaurant web page – and on Facebook at Stein Club information can be found on Bavarian Grill Stein Club

You can also get great information about both the restaurant and the club on the Bavarian Grill newsletter.

How do I get on the Bavarian Grill newsletter mailing list?

Just go to and provide your name and e-mail address.

Does the Stein Club Card Change?

Yes, the Card is updated frequently as the availability of the Bier changes. Once you started your card you do not need to upgrade to a new one until the one you started is full on both sides.