Geschichte / History

Die Geschichte des Bayern Stein Clubs von Plano, Texas


When the Bavarian Grill in Plano, Texas opened in November 1993, we had the idea to only feature authentic German Biere, both on draught and in the bottle. In order to allow our guests to take a guided tour of all these biers we printed 50 copies of our bierlist , with a small space behind each bier for us to sign for the successful introduction of a new or old friend to them. And we promised each guest who drank all 27 of these biers a personalized ceramic stein as they became members of the Stein Club. The female part of us thought that this was one of the craziest ideas she had ever heard of. Not only to open a Bavarian restaurant in Texas without any Bud or MillerLite, but also the additional expense to print cards for a Stein Club?

The first guest to complete the card, since then our Stein Club President Johann Kaufmann, retired his card the day before Christmas. The clear leader up until then, our good friend Mr. Murphy finished his great journey the same evening, only two hours later. Before too long we had to reprint another 100 cards with 31 biers on it, and the last “golden edition” with 32 biers followed soon after. With the next prints we integrated the columns “Hell” (Light color) and “Dunkel” (dark bier).

Jim Rommel, our accordion player since opening night shows his first Stein Club Card.

We started listing the draft biers in the first box of each category, the middle box contains the Weizen or Weissbiers in the bottle, and on the bottom we listed other significant German biers in the bottle. And by the way: the two non-alcoholic brews have kept us out of jail so far.

Some still famous biers which are unfortunately no longer available here in Texas included the EKU Kulminator 28, a very strong and sweet Eisbock, the EKU Rubin, as a typical mellow Bayerisch Dunkel or the clean Dinckelacker Kristall with a very refreshing hint of green apples. Meet some of our senior members and they will tell you about the good old days, when you had to drink the “28” to finish the card. Yes, no substitutions, please!

It is easy to become a member: Just pick any bier of the list – your friendly waiter or waitress will initial the chosen bier and it will arrive in front of you in just a few moments. Some Bier on draft may take up to seven minutes to look picture perfect.

Please make sure to write your name exactly as you like it to appear on your Stein unto the top of the card. Once you enjoyed one of each of the different 50+ Biers, we will exchange your card for a key chain with the Bavarian Grill Stein Club logo and rush our request for your personalized Stein to our workshop. In order to make your name to stay on your Stein permanently, it is fired in a kiln at 1350°F. Some times this may take a little while, since we must have a minimum order of 12 Steins. In the mean time our Bar manager will find a home for your Stein Club card on the lattice work in the Bier Garten and record the exact location in our computer. This will be the exact spot were your Stein will be placed, once it arrives.

In order to keep you informed about the status of your Stein, we publish the “On order List” and the “Steins are in list”, which are posted at the bar and published in this newsletter.

When your new Stein arrives, we like to make this a special event: allow us to buy you the first Bier and to take a polaroid picture while you enjoy the first sip out of your new Stein, our musicians love to tell every body in the restaurant that you just became inducted, so bring along all your friends and family to witness this very important and memorable moment in your life.
One word of warning: Never refer to your Stein as a “mug” – a severe fine of a round of Biers to all Stein Club members within earshot will result immediately and irrevocably.

As a Stein Club member in good standing you may now participate in all the Stein Club events, most notably in the monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of each even month. After taking care of the regular Club business, where we discuss upcoming events etc. we indulge in a learning expedition: We invite a brewery ambassador to talk about their bier, give us a sampling of their product line and answer any questions you may have about the brewery, it’s style and philosophy and the various techniques the brewmasters may apply. We will always serve some complimentary appetizers during these meetings.

In the odd month we prepare a special dinner for you: The recent “Grünkohl Essen” or the Bier dinner with Betsy and Peter from Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr may stand as an example, the upcoming events like the much anticipated “Spanferkel” in March and the “Weisser Spargel mit Schinken” in May are listed in the “Bavarian Grill Neueste Nachrichten” and posted in the Stein Club section on the web page: . If you sign up with your e-mail adress, our Stein Club Newsletter will regularly update you on the upcoming events.

In case your Stein ever breaks, we will replace it for free, but please tell us if this should ever happen to your Stein.

Some of our members have chosen to continue the journey and finish a second card, or even a third, you will find a reward for every multiple card on the back of your Stein Club Card.

Recently we installed a plaque “We are the Champions – Fifty cards or more” – with 3 member names proudly on display.

The most distinguished members sport a colorful wardrobe of “Bavarian Grill Stein Club” apparel to proudly show their achievements to their friends. In only twelve short years the “Bayern Stein Club of Plano” has warmly welcomed over 1200 members. Members share with their friends their love of good German Bier. Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!

Our biggest achievement was the celebration for the “Reinheitgebot vom 23. April 1516”, the anniversary of the Bavarian Purity Law on April 23rd, 2016. Many Stein Club Members joined us for a much talked about special Birthday Party. We tasted over 20 different German Biers and matching regional Foods with the help of many volunteers.

If you have any Stein Club memorabilia please share a picture with us.

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