Stein Club Speaker Guidelines

Stein Club Steins

Thank you for interest in the Bavarian Grill Stein Club!

Here is some information about Bavarian Grill Stein Club which should be helpful as you prepare your presentation. Our club, which was Chartered on November 12, 1994, is composed of business and professional men and women of diverse backgrounds who have accepted the ideal of enjoying a fine malted Bavarian beverage and making new friends. We place high expectations on our members to continue their learning in this field. At this point we have far over 1000 persons who completed their Stein Card. For more information about the history of the Stein Club, please go to visit this page:

Our Club Meetings are scheduled to start at 7:00pm.

  1. The time limit for your presentation is approximately 5 minutes unless other arrangements have been made.
  2. You should leave enough time for two or three questions after your speech.
  3. There will be no open solicitation of funds at or during our meetings, except as approved by our Board. We are always interested in hearing varying points of view on diverse subjects, but we respectfully request that speakers avoid presentations that advance or otherwise promote a particular religious or commercial point of view.
  4. Jokes, anecdotes, or stories, which are off color, racial or religious in nature or content, should be avoided.
  5. As we are a non-political group we ask you to stay away from any discussion of politics, particularly any that would not support the view of Bavaria as a part of modern day Germany, and therefore as a federal, parliamentary, representative democratic republic. The German political system operates under a framework laid out in the 1949 constitutional document known as the Grundgesetz (Basic Law) – which we will respect as the only guide for any discussion. Please click below to see the Wikipedia article on Germany for further info and as a guide to avoid any potential political statements that we will not support. We will stop your presentation and denounce your position on the spot. Our primary concern is to keep extreme right wing political statements out and we do not wish to hear anyone’s view about politics of times long gone. ( . Please be sure to ask us before your presentation, if you have any doubts, to ensure we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.
  6. Stein Club members in good standing participate in all the Stein Club events, most notably in the monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of each even month. After taking care of the regular Club business, where we discuss upcoming events etc. we indulge in a learning expedition: We invite a brewery ambassador to talk about their bier, give us a sampling of their product line and answer any questions members may have about the brewery, it’s style and philosophy and the various techniques the brewmasters may apply. We will always serve some complimentary appetizers during these meetings.
  7. In the odd month we prepare a special dinner: The traditional “Braunkohl Essen” in January, the Eisbein in November or the Bier dinner with Betsy and Peter from Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr may stand as an example, the upcoming events like the much anticipated “Spanferkel” in July and the “Aschaffenburger Schlachtefest” in May are listed in the “Bavarian Grill Neueste Nachrichten” and posted in the Stein Club section on the web page: . If you sign up with your e-mail address, our Stein Club Newsletter will regularly update you on the upcoming events.
  8. One word of warning: Never refer to your Stein as a “mug” – a severe fine of a round of Biers to all Stein Club members within earshot will result immediately and irrevocably, which will turn out to be very costly to you.
  9. As a representative of a brewery we will introduce you as an “Ambassador” – and as it is customary in the world of diplomacy you will not be ridiculed if you bring some presents or offer a sample of your favorite brew.

Besides that, We look forward to your presentation!
Remember! Drink Responsibly . . .

and always use your Stein during the meetings – except for wheat biers of course.


Eddie Rose

President, Bayern Stein Club