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Schnitzel Schwammer’l Salat

Seven salads on your plate: Lean Schnitzel fingers with sauteed Mushroom salad on top Romaine lettuce with Chef Seth's chilled Potato Salad and our five signature mixed Salads: Tomato, Cucumbers, Cole Slaw, Red Beets and Green Beans.

Windbeutel mit Vanille Eis und Asbach Kirschen oder warmen Waldbeeren

Airy Puff pastry filled with Bavarian Vanilla Ice Cream, freshly whipped Cream and topped with your choice of a dozen tart Cherries soaked in Asbach Brandy or a scoop of our warm Berries Jubilee

Schwammerl Ragout

Our classic Mushroom Ragout with Chanterelle, Crimini, Portabella, Shitake and Champignons blended with Thyme, Lemon, Bay leaves, Salt, Pepper, Cream, Garlic and our dry white house wine. Upgrade to a cup of “Nur Pfifferling” = only Chanterelles for a surcharge.

Bamberger Bier Zipfel – Ein Sommer Schmanker’l mit Sonja’s gemischtem Salat und kühlem Kräuter Kartoffelsalat

Two pairs of robust and smoky, slightly coarse Pork and Beef Sausages with a blend of Bavarian spices, lightly smoked with Beechwood in the Bamberg Tradition simmered in a natural casing, a typical example of a Brühwurst that has grown in popularity recently. Summer favorites served with Sonja’s five marinated mixed Salads and Seth’s cool refreshing Potato salad made with fresh Dill, sliced Radishes, Chives and a tangy Quark dressing, but skip the mustard!

Geflügel Salat “Winzer Art”

Roasted, chilled and pulled Oktoberfest Chicken tossed with fresh Grapes, mandarin Oranges and our light Yoghurt ranch dressing on Romaine Lettuce.

Fränkischer Biergarten Wurst Salat mit frischen Kräutern und Semmel

The popular, cool Favorite in a Bavarian Biergarten: Chilled Stiglmeyer Sausages marinated in a 13 Herb-Vinaigrette with Onions, Hengstenberg Barrell Pickles, fresh Radishes and Herbs – served with freshly baked bread. The flavors are distinctive – every bite is fresh, crisp and delicious! Qual der Wahl: Klein oder Gross?

Schwammer’l Schnitzel

A pan-seared Schnitzel topped with our wild Mushroom Ragout and served with a Bread dumpling and our fresh Vegetable Medley.

Knöpfle mit würziger Wildschwein Bratwurst nach “Försterin Art” und gemischtem Salat

Grilled wild Boar sausage atop Gnocci with our wild Mushroom, bacon and red Wine sauce and our mixed salad

Zünftige Bayerische Brotzeit aus dem Apfelrauch: Geräucherte Entenbrust

Applewood-smoked Duck breast served medium rare on a zesty Lingonberry Sauceas an entrée with cheesy Potato Pancakes or as an Appetizer with 2 white rolls

Schwammer’l mit Semmelknödel und Metzgerschinken

A classic Appetizer! Our wild forest Mushroom Ragout served with a Bread dumpling and Pannonia Ham