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Bavarian Specialties

detail picture of schweinshaxe

Schweins Haxe: Always very popular throughout the year:

The slow roasted ham hock, braised with Paulaner Salvator Doppelbock, pictured with our bread dumpling and fresh red cabbage.

Gemischter Salat

Bayerischer “Gemischter Salat”icon no pork

Chef Sonja prepares our signature fresh mixed house salad every day since 1993
Enjoy fresh Carrots with a hint of Apple vinegar, Green Beans with beef broth and “Bohnenkraut”, Cucumber Dill, Tomato with green onions and the pickled beet salad just like in Bavaria!


Raeucherlachs Appetizer

Frisch mit Rot Erle geräucherter Lachs “Ammersee” mit Apfel Kren –

Thin, chilled slices of freshly house cured and smoked Salmon with a mild, tangy apple-horseradish sauce Appetizer on toasted rye.

potato pancakes

3 Kartoffel Pfannkuchen mit
Sauerrahm und Apfelmus

3 Potato pancakes,
sour cream and apple sauce.


Entenleberpastete mit Preiselbeeren – No Pork

House-made Duck Liver Pate topped with a Lingonberry-Cassis glaza and fried Spring Leeks, served with a basket of four Dinner Rolls.

Vesper Platte

Vesperteller mit Geräuchertem –

Sample smoked Salmon, Gouda, Landjäger, Chicken breast and Hams with two rolls.



Cheese platter with Camembert, Emmentaler, Gruyere and smoked Gouda – small (2)  Large (4)

Bratwurst stuffed mushrooms

Gefüllte Champignons –

5 mushroom caps stuffed with Bratwurst


Weinberg Schnecken auf
Würzburger Art –

Franconian style escargot in Silvaner herb butter.


gulasch suppe

Gulasch Suppe

Spicy Goulash Soup with beef, pork, paprika, onions and peppers. Cup or Bowl



Traditionelle Saisonale Suppe  Our traditional seasonal soup  Cup or  Bowl .  Add your favorite thinly sliced Wurst.

frankenwalder gerauchertes huhnchen

Frankenwälder geräuchertes Hühnchen auf grünem Salat

Grilled, smoked Chicken breast on a Caesar Salad with croutons.


Naturschnitzel (Champignon Salat)

Seven salads on your plate: Lean Schnitzel fingers with sauteed mushroom salad on top Romaine lettuce with our
signature mixed salad.

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Geflügel Salat “Winzer Art” –

Roasted, chilled and pulled Oktoberfest chicken tossed with fresh grapes, mandarin oranges and our light yoghurt ranch dressing on romaine lettuce.


Salat mit gegrilltem Lachs und Weißbierdressing – icon no pork

Grilled filet of salmon on crisp Romaine lettuce tossed with our low fat fruity
wheat beer dressing


schwabische maultaschen

Schwäbische Maultaschen überbacken mit Käse und gemischtem Salat –

Fresh pasta pockets are filled with ground veal, spinach, sautéed onions and poached in a beef broth, topped with melted Swiss cheese, served with a mixed salad

spaetzle huehnerfrikasse

Spätzle mit geräuchertem Hühnerfrikassee und frischem Gemüse

Tiny fresh pasta dumplings topped with applewood smoked

schwarzwalder spatzle mit pilzen | restaurant Plano

Schwarzwälder Spätzle mit Pilzen, Erbsen und Schinken

Tiny pasta dumplings, tossed with fresh mushrooms, sautéed onions, peas and Black Forest ham, in a creamy cheese sauce.


lachs mit schnittlauchbutter

Lachs mit Schnittlauchbutter, Kartoffelschnee, und Mischgemüse

Grilled Salmon topped with our chive butter, served with mashed potatoes, and fresh vegetable medley.


forelle mullerin

Forelle “Müllerin” mit Backofenkartoffel und Rahm Spinat

Boneless Filet of Trout sauteed in butter with Bavarian Oven Potatoes and creamy spinach.



wurste mit krauter

Würste mit Kräuter Kartoffelsalat und Sauerkraut

Your choice of our five favorite sausages:

Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Knackwurst, Smoked Bratwurst or Nürnberger; served with warm herbed potato salad and sauerkraut. Let us slice the sausage bite sized as an appetizer to share with your friends. Small (2)  Large (5)

oktoberfest hendl

Oktoberfest Hendl mit Pommes frites und gemischtem Salat

Oven roasted chicken with French fries and a mixed vegetable salad.

schnitzel wiener art

Schnitzel “Wiener Art”, Kräuter Kartoffelsalat und gemischtem Salat

Our specialty: Breaded and pan-fried to a golden brown, served with warm herbed potato salad, and a mixed vegetable salad.

jager schnitzel

Jäger Schnitzel mit Spätzle und gemischtem Salat

This breaded schnitzel is topped with a rich sauce and many mushrooms, served with tiny pasta dumplings and our mixed vegetable salad

rahm schnitzel

Rahm Schnitzel mit Kartoffelschnee und frischem Gemüse

Your favorite: a pan-seared Schnitzel served on a creamy sauce derived from the pan, with mashed potatoes and our summer vegetables

deutsches gulasch

Deutsches Gulasch mit Spätzle und gemischtem Salat

Lean cuts of pork and beef in a rich onion – paprika sauce, served with freshly made tiny pasta dumplings and our mixed vegetable salad

rinder rouladen

Rinder Rouladen mit Backofenkartoffeln und Rahm Spinat

A generous cut of lean beef is rubbed with mustard, then filled with onions, bacon and a pickle spear and slow roasted, served with Bavarian oven potatoes and creamy spinach.

oberstdorfer sauerbraten

Oberstdorfer Sauerbraten mit Semmelknödel und Rotkraut

Marinated Beef Roasted in a tangy sweet and sour sauce with sour cream, served with a bread dumpling and red cabbage.

knuspriger entenbraten

Knuspriger Entenbraten mit Kartoffeltaler und frischem Gemüse

One half of a Roasted Duck with a crisp, crunchy skin, flavored with our special rotisserie herbs, on its own juices, with a potato pancake and fresh vegetables.

waginger rinderbraten

Waginger Rinderbraten mit Meerrettichsoße icon no pork

Inspired by Waging Chef Alfons Schuhbeck: Savory braised beef roasted with a rich, creamy horseradish sauce, mashed potatoes, and vegetable medley.

garmischer schweinshaxe

Garmischer Schweinshaxen mit Semmelknödel und Rotkraut

Bavarians’ favorite: Juicy roasted pork ham hock on a caraway sauce,with a bread dumpling and red cabbage.


Augsburger Kohlrouladen mit Kartoffelpüree und Spinat

Flavorful Ground Beef, Pork with Apple Wood Smoked Bacon wrapped in Cabbage Leaves and slowly braised. One in an order, served with Mashed Potatoes and our Lemon-Garlic Spinach.

Regensburger Bockbier Schnitzel 2

Regensburger Bockbier Schnitzel mit Kartoffelbrei und frischem Gemüse

Pretzel crusted Schnitzel with a Bock Bier Caraway Sauce and Crispy Fried Onion Rings. Choose Pork or Chicken.

Beilagen – Side Dishes

1. Kräuter Kartoffelsalat
– warm herbed mustard potato salad
6. Kartoffelbrei
– mashed potatoes
11. Saisonale Kartoffeln 
– sasonal potatoes
2. Sauerkraut
– Sauerkraut
7. Ofenkartoffel
– Bavarian oven potato
12. Frisches Gemüse
– fresh vegetable medley
3. Pommes Frites
– French fries
8. Rahm Spinat
– creamy spinach
13. Kartoffelpfannkuchen
– potato pancakes
4. Spätzle
– tiny pasta dumpling
9. Rotkraut
– red cabbage
14. Bratkartoffeln
– pan fried potatoes with bacon
5. Gemischter Salat
– mixed vegetable salad
10. Semmelknödel
– bread dumpling
15. Grüne Bohnen
– green beans

icon no porkIndicates dishes served with No Pork

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