Bavarian Grill Plano, Texas Blue Max

The Blue Max Medal of the Bavarian Grill

The Blauer Max Medal of the Bavarian Grill is awarded to Reward and Acknowledge Excellent and Outstanding Achievements in the field of Bavarian Grill Hospitality.

The members of the order are voted in by existing members only.
Every paycheck recognizes the membership. Any veto is considered.
During the Corona Virus 2020 service members received a special recognition from the “Friends of the Bavarian Grill”

The order is founded in the spirit and tradition of the Bavarian Maximilian Order for Science and Art and was established as a part of the celebrations for the 10 year anniversary in 2003.

Team members since before 1998

Rene Toni Eliseo
Andrea, now happily retired Sonja, retired after 18 years of service Silvia

Ben Seth Riley
Cameron Carl Dr. Pat
OBM Nicole
Nicole Kamyn Francisco
Brad Magdalena Dale
image1 3 2
Heather  Denver Ryan
Pablo Blue Max
Pablo  Amanda  Franklin

Guests and friends

Alan Manfred
Alan Jim Manfred
Bo Tom Phillip
Eddie Doug Rick
OBM Debbie  richard
Debbie Richard Scott
 Dr. Snook
Mr. Bud Sven Russell
 image1 4 2  OBM Dorothy
Tom Mikayla Dorothy
Gary David JD
juergen  barbara
Chef Klaus Jürgen  Barbara

The Bavarian Maximilian Order for Science and Art

In German: Der Bayerische Maximiliansorden für Wissenschaft und Kunst.

The order was first established on 28 November 1853 by King Maximilian II. von Bayern. It is awarded to acknowledge and reward excellent and outstanding achievements in the field of science and art. From 1933 onwards, with the beginning of the Nazi regime, the order was not longer rewarded. In 1980 it was reinstated by the then Minister-President of the Free State of Bavaria Franz Josef Strauß.

Since 1980 the order was awarded to 174 recipients including 24 woman. The number of living members of the order shall not exceed 100. In October 2010 there were 99 living members of the orders.

Until 1932 the order was issued 351 times. Overall the order was awarded to 525 people from 1853 to 2010.

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In continuation of a Bavarian tradition the Bavarian Maximialian Order for Art and Sciences is created. It is awarded to reward outstanding achievements in the field of science and art. In Fortsetzung alter bayerischer Tradition wird der Bayerische Maximiliansorden für Wissenschaft und Kunst geschaffen. Mit ihm sollen herausragende Leistungen auf dem Gebieten von Wissenschaft und Kunst ausgezeichnet werden.

Nomination Procedure

The Minister-President, the minister of state for their respective portfolio and the two sections of the order are eligible to nominate new members. These proposals are evaluated by an advisory committee (Ordensbeirat). It gives its recommendation to the Minister-President for final decision.[5]

The advisory committee consists of:

All members of the advisory committee are selected for a period of five years. The committee decides with the majority of its members.

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