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Tiroler Jäger Schnitzel

A large cut of natural, unbreaded Pork that is sautéed and topped with a rich Brown Sauce with many Mushrooms. Austrians prefer their Jäger Schnitzel just floured and pan fried, we offer you this choice as a friendly neighbor!

Hühner Paprika Schnitzel

Chicken Schnitzel dusted with Red Hungarian Paprika and served on a Creamy Sauce.

Knoblauch Schnitzel

\kno b-laux\ We rub this Pork Schnitzel with Garlic and Lemon and serve it on a Garlic-Cream Sauce.

Schnitzel Schwammer’l Salat

Seven salads on your plate: Lean Schnitzel fingers with sauteed Mushroom salad on top Romaine lettuce with Chef Seth's chilled Potato Salad and our five signature mixed Salads: Tomato, Cucumbers, Cole Slaw, Red Beets and Green Beans.

Schnitzel nach Art des Weinhändlers

\vainhandler\ A Pork Schnitzel topped with sautéed Onions that are deglazed in Red Wine

Schnitzel nach Oberkellner Art

\o bar kalner art\  A Pork Schnitzel topped with Herb Butter and served on a creamy sauce with a touch of dry white Wein.

Käse Schnitzel „Allgäu”

\ˈkɛːzə\  A Pork Schnitzel filled with melted Gruyere and Emmentaler cheeses. Your Fondue is inside this Schnitzel!

Hühner Schnitzel „Gärtnerin Art”

\ˈhyːner\ \garten er in\ A Chicken Schnitzel stuffed with creamy Spinach, Leeks and diced Tomatoes.

Schnitzel ά la Holstein

\ˈhōl-ˌstēn, -ˌstīn\   A Pork Schnitzel is topped with two sunny side up Eggs, Geheimrat Holstein’s favorite dish.

Wiener Schnitzel

\vē-nar, s(h)nitzel\ NG  Canadian Veal sautéed to a golden brown and garnished with Lemon and Capers