German Catering

The Bavarian Grill Catering Team will bring the flavors and aromas of Bavaria to your party.

Since different budgets and different groups require different solutions, we offer three styles of catering:

We provide enough food that each item of your choice will serve 30 guests.

catering 1  We prepare all the dishes fresh at the restaurant and have them ready for your driver in disposable hotelpans. You provide chafing dishes, tablecloths, plates and cutlery for your guests. No minimum charge.

$50 deposit per pan 2 days prior to the event.

catering 2  We set up the buffet and provide all necessary tools for service, tablecloth, plastic plates and plastic cutlery. We come by and pick up our equipment after service. Minimum charge $ 2,500.

If you like, we can provide some staff at different hourly fees.

catering 3  We take you almost to Bavaria! We cook at the restaurant and at the place of your party, we set up, we decorate with blue and white diamond cloths, we serve on china and silver, we provide CD music, or live music at an extra charge, we clean up everything and we even stock the bar with Münchener Bier ($ 350 and up/50l keg) for you. Minimum charge $ 7,500.

$ 100 deposit per pan 2 days prior to the event. All dishes will serve an average of 30 guests per dish and include fresly baked breads, rolls and butter.

Booking Requirements

At least 2 weeks notice required for larger parties. A deposit of 1/2 of the estimated food bill is required at booking, the remainder is due in cash or credit card at the end of the party.


You tell us how many guests you expect when you book the party – we call this the working number. Please call as 72 hours prior to the party with your guarantee or cancellation. If you don’t call we prepare for the working number and charge you for it. We will be ready to provide the food for as many guests as you tell us and we will bill you for this amount. We will prepare and be able to serve approximately 5% more guests instantly. Please remember when you guarantee, we both will want to have enough food for your guests.

For finger foods, please click here to view our catering worksheet


Salate – Salads

Frankenwälder Geräuchertes Hühnchen auf Grünem Salat

Smoked Chickenbreast on a Caesar Salad

Pikanter Rindfleischsalat “Berchtesgadenerland”

Spicy beef chunks in a sweet and sour dressing

 Fisch Salat “Chiemsee”

Marinated, grilled chunks of fresh seafoods in a tangy dressing on a bed of Greens

Erdbeeren mit Hühnerbrust and Frühlingszwiebeln

Strawberries with grilled Chicken breast and Shallots

Würzburger Geflügel Salat “Winzer Art”

Grilled Chicken with fresh grapes tossed with our light yoghurt ranch dressing on Romaine lettuce

Münchner Obstsalat

Fresh berries marinated in Kirsch


Suppen – Soups

Kaltschale “Chiemgau”

Chilled Apple and Pumpkin Bisque

Rosenheimer Gulasch Suppe

Spicy Goulash Soup with beef and peppers

Tagessuppen = Linsen, Erbsen, Kartoffel Lauch, Pilz oder Bohnensuppe

Our favorites are Lentil, Split Pea,
Potato Leek, Cream of Mushroom, green Bean


Maultaschen, Spätzle and Pfannkuchen – Pasta and Potato Pancakes

Schwäbische Maultaschen

Fresh Pasta Pockets filled with ground veal, spinach and sauteed onions in a beef broth

Schwarzwälder Spätzle mit Pilzen, Erbsen and Schinken

Tiny pasta dumplings tossed with fresh mushrooms, peas and Black Forest ham in a creamy cheese sauce

Kartoffel Pfannkuchen

Potato Pancakes with crisp bacon, sauteed onions and a tart apple sauce


Kalte Speisen – Cold Dishes

Aufschnitt Platte mit Graubrot and Brötchen

Make your own sandwich with slices of Black Forest ham, Westphalian Ham, German specialty cold cuts and cheeses

Kalte Baltrumer Fisch Platte

Cold Filets of grilled salmon and tilapia, shrimp and scallops on lemon herb cole slaw


Koch Vergnügen – Bavarian Specialties

Würste mit Kartoffelsalat and Sauerkraut

Sausages with Potato salad and sauerkraut

Deutsches Hacksteak mit Kartoffelbrei  und gemischtem Salat

Originating from Hamburg, we serve ours with browned onions, mashed potatoes and our signature mixed salad selection

Oktoberfest Hendl mit Kartoffelsalat

Oven roasted chicken with potato salad

Deutsches Gulasch mit Spätzle

Lean cuts of pork and beef in their own rich sauce with the tiny pasta dumplings


Bayrische Schmankerl – Bavarian Entrees

Rinder Rouladen
mit Spätzle und grünen Bohnen

A generous cut of lean beef is rubbed with mustard, than filled with onions, bacon and a pickle spear. After slow roasting, we serve pasta dumplings and green beans.

G’selchte Rippchen
mit Salzkartoffeln und Lauchgemüse

Smoked, cured pork loin chops with boiled potatoes and leeks

Oberstdorfer Sauerbraten mit Röstkartoffeln and Rotkraut

Marinated Beef Roast in a tangy sweet and sour sauce, served with German fries and red cabbage

catering-icon-num1 $475 catering-icon-num2 $650 catering-icon-num3 $825

Bayerischer Schweinebraten mit Semmelknödel and Rotkraut

Bavarians’ favorite: slices of juicy pork roast on a caraway sauce, with a bread dumpling and red cabbage

catering-icon-num1 $500 catering-icon-num2 $650 catering-icon-num3 $850

Chieminger Hähnchenbrust in Lauchcremesoße

Inspired by the Strandkurhaus Kitchen in Chieming:

Savory grilled Chickenbreast in a rich, creamy leek and onions sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetable medley

catering-icon-num1 $525 catering-icon-num2 $700 catering-icon-num3 $875

Waginger Rinderbraten mit Meerrettichsoße

Inspired by Waging Chef Alfons Schuhbeck:

Savory braised beef roasted with a rich, creamy horseradish sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetable medley


Süss Speisen – Desserts

Vanilleeis mit heissen Beeren

Berries Jubilee

Hausgemachter Pudding von drei Schokoladen

Homemade triple chocolate mousse

Ofenwarmer Apfel Strudel mit Vanille Sosse

Hot apple strudel with vanilla sauce

Pfirsich Streusel

Peach cobbler with custard

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Black Forest Cake


Menus for Large Parties

Family Style Schnitzel Dinner

Sonja’s Gemischter Salat

Authentic German Vegetable Salad

Schnitzel nach Art des Hauses, mit Jager, Zigeuner und Zwiebelknoblauchsosse

Enough schnitzel for everyone topped with lemons and capers and a selection of our three best sauces

Spätzle, Bratkartoffeln, Kartoffelsalat, Sauerkraut, Rotkraut und grüne Bohnen

Pasta dumpling,  potatoes, herbed potato salad, sauerkraut, red cabbage and green beans

Price: $29.75 per person
dazu Wurst Platte

5 different sausages carved bite size and served on a bed of  warm herbed Potato salad and Sauerkraut.

Price: +$2.75 per person
Apfel Strudel
Delicious sweet layered pastry filled with Apple slices. Served with a side of warm caramel.
Price: +$3.75 per person

Rinder und Hendl Dinner

Beef and Chicken

Ceasar Salat


Oktoberfest Hendl

Oven roasted chicken

Buttermilch Schmorbraten

Beef roast marinated in buttermilk

Spätzle, Bratkartoffeln, Kartoffelsalat, Sauerkraut, Rotkraut und grune Bohnen

Pasta dumpling, sauteed potatoes, herbed potatoe salad, sauerkraut, red cabbage and green beans.

Price: $29.75
dazu als Vorspeise: Wurst Platte

5 different sausages carved bite size and served on a bed of  warm herbed potatoe salad and saurkraut.

Price: +$2.75
dazu Apfel Strudel

Delicious sweet layered pastry filled with Apple slices. Served with a side of warm caramel.

Price: +$3.75
Wood Strip Wood Strip  

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