Waste Reduction

We are concerned about our environment; since 2005 we recycle organics, card board, cans, bottles and plastics #1 & #2 and use power created by wind and hydro – and our beverage to go containers and children’s drink cups are compostable. Plus we are avoiding 99% use of Styrofoam by using paper and corn based cups and ramekins.

We are part of the organic recycling program with the City of Plano, all organic waste like food leftovers, is collected in special containers, picked up daily and turned into compost. We participate in the “Single Stream Program” to recycle cans, bottles, plastic and cardboard.

Organic Recycling: The Restaurant joined a host of local businesses ranging from schools, corporate cafeterias and grocery stores in participating in this unique recycling program in 2005. The City collects the organic materials and transports it to its compost site in Melissa, Texas. There the organic matter is mixed with yard trimmings from residential and landscape collections and made into Texas Pure (formerly Plano Pure) Compost. This quality soil amendment has been certified by the U.S. Composting Council. Participants in this recycling program can take satisfaction in knowing that they are a part of a recycling program which represents the ideal–closing the loop. This means their participation has gone full circle with the ability to continuously replicate reuse of materials. Currently we are recycling about 7 to 10 full size trashcans full of organic articles per week.

Single Stream Recycling Program allows us to collect card board, cans, bottles and plastic #1 and # 2 in one container to be recycled by the Waste Management Company.

Avoiding unnecessary trash adds a new perspective that we are currently exploring.

  • Use of Compostable To Go Drink and children’s drink Containers, Lids and Straws.
  • Paper cups and dishes for butter
  • Corn based ramekins for cold drinks, sauces and cream

We eliminated Styrofoam for employee breaks

We are providing reusable plates, cutlery and glassware for all employees and guests.

We eliminated individual disposable water bottles for team members.

We send and receive faxes directly from computers without printing.