Natur Schnitzel

Natur Schnitzel = Floured and Pan-Seared Schnitzel


Schnitzel „Baden-Baden” \s(h)nitzel bahd-n bahd-n\  This Pork Schnitzel is topped with half of a poached Pear, Lingonberry-Cumberland Sauce and melted Swiss and Emmentaler cheeses

Schwarzwald Schnitzel ˶Staufen”  Pork Schnitzel covered with Adler Black Forest Ham, fresh Brie and tart Cherries soaked in Schladerer Kirschwasser. served on a Garlic-Cream Sauce.

Meerrettich Schnitzel  \meer a tic\  A large cut of Pork brushed with Horseradish and served on a Creamy Horseradish-Leek sauce

Paprika Schnitzel  \‘paprika\  This Pork Schnitzel is dusted with Hungarian Paprika and served on a Creamy Sauce

Schnitzel nach Oberkellner Art \o bar kalner art\  A Pork Schnitzel topped with Herb Butter and served on a creamy sauce with a touch of dry white Wein. Head waiter Carl’s favorite!

Schnitzel nach Art des Weinhändlers \vainhandler\ A Pork Schnitzel topped with sautéed Onions that are deglazed in Red Wine

Schnitzel Schwammer’l Salat  \ˈʃvamɐl zaˈlaːt\  Seven salads on your plate: Lean Pork Schnitzel fingers with sautéed Mushrooms on top of Romaine Lettuce and Sonja’s five Marinated Salads.

Pfeffer Schnitzel  \ˈpf‿ɛfɐ\  This Pork Schnitzel is generously covered with coarsely ground Black Peppercorns and served on a Creamy Pepper Sauce

Rahm Schnitzel \raam\  A Pork Schnitzel that is served on a bed of Creamy Sauce derived from the pan

Knoblauch Schnitzel  \kno b-laux\ We rub this Pork Schnitzel with Garlic and Lemon and serve it on a Garlic-Cream Sauce.

…and for dessert, Windbeutel mit Vanille Eis und Asbach Kirschen oder warmen Waldbeeren.  Airy Puff Pastry filled with Bavarian Vanilla Ice Cream, freshly Whipped Cream and topped with your choice of a dozen tart Cherries soaked in Asbach Brandy or our warm Berries Jubilee


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