Schnitzel Fest & Oktoberfest

Happy Oktoberfest!

Fass Anstich – Keg Tapping
Saturday, September 16, in the Biergarten

We recommend to arrive early – the Biergarten may fill to capacity before 2 pm and we do not take reservations for this event

The Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest festival in the world, with an international flavor characteristic of the 20th century. It all usually begins at noon in the Schottenhammel – Spaten tent with the lord mayor of Munich tapping the ceremonial keg. Up to three strikes should get him reelected, any more will get him very likely voted out of office. Christian Ude served from 1993 until 2014 and his record is one tap.
    • Oktoberfest Biers

    • Erdinger Oktoberfest

      Erdinger Oktoberfest

      Erdinger Oktoberfest expertly combines smooth malt aromas with a pronounced hop bitterness. This well-balanced flavor is complemented by gently sparkling carbonic acid to give it the typical liveliness of a genuine wheat beer.

    • Hofbräu München Oktoberfestbier

      Hofbräu München Oktoberfestbier

      Hofbräu Oktoberfest beer is a full-bodied, bottom-fermented specialty beer. With its fine hoppy aroma, it’s perfect alongside a classic Oktoberfest roasted chicken.

    • Paulaner Oktoberfest

      Paulaner Oktoberfest

      This Oktoberfest lager has plenty of body and texture, with a slightly more rounded, smooth and harmonious palate of earthy and fruity flavors and a nice bitter tang into the finish. Our hoppiest Oktoberfest.

    • Ayinger Oktoberfest Marzen

      Ayinger Oktoberfest Marzen

      The beer pours golden with a small head that quickly dissipates. A malty nose brings a sweet mouthfeel full of caramel notes.

    • Weihenstephaner Festbier

      Weihenstephaner Festbier

      A full rich bodied, hoppy, seasonal lager. Especially brewed for the Festbier season. This beer truly represents the Bavarian way of celebrating. Deep gold color, great mouth-feel and lots of flavor.

    • Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest

      Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest

      The Oktoberfest is slow roasted with Bavarian barley. It is then caramelized to a rich, red amber color and is combined with the purest spring waters from the Alps. It is brewed with exclusive yeast and the finest Hallertau hops.

    • Paulaner Oktoberfest Märzen

      Paulaner Oktoberfest Märzen

      An amber beer style that was developed over 200 years ago to celebrate the original Oktoberfest. The Märzen name comes from “March beer” because it was historically brewed in March to be at peak flavor for the Oktoberfest celebration.

    • Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen

      Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen

      Following the most ancient malting traditions, all its select barley malts are kilned over a fire of beech wood logs at the Schlenkerla maltings. Brewed in classic copper vessels and matured for months in 14th century cellars, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier is a truly unique smoky beer experience.

    • Spaten Oktoberfest

      Spaten Oktoberfest

      Pouring a warm copper color, Spaten Oktoberfestbier offers up aromas of caramel and earthy bread. Caramel and honey mingle on the palate, with fresh, crisp hop notes to balance the initial sweet flavors.

    • Weltenburger Anno 1050 Märzen

      Weltenburger Anno 1050 Märzen

      Fine caramel notes and pleasantly mild bitter hop.

Our Incentive for our guests to dress for Oktoberfest


Guys in long or short Lederhosen, Bavarian Shirt, long socks and Hiking boots or Haferlschuhe


Dirndl with Blouse and Apron, Hiking boots or leather shoes.

They will receive a basket of Mini Pretzels with O’batzda, our authentic Bavarian Cheese spread.

Add  a great touch of München!

Weisswurst mit Brez'n

A couple of “Brotzeit Schmankerl” from Stieglmeier, warm Weisswurst und cool weisser Pressack.

Schnitzel Fest

Our special menu, die Sommerkarte, featuring special dishes Bavarians eat in the Biergarten, and of course our fresh Mushroom Ragout, a traditional Bavarian summer specialty, will be available for you until the middle of September. We will start to feature our popular Schnitzelfest during the Oktoberfest, which we will welcome with the special Keg tapping ceremony in our Biergarten.

Our “Mittwochs im Biergarten” Series will continue in late September as there will be two special Wednesday events:

  1. Spanferkel Essen 
  2. Schnitzelfest Dinner Premiere 
  3. Brotzeit Schmankerl 

More Bavarian Bier for you has arrived and we are successfully stocking up for you and your friends. Enjoy a cool Bier with our special Bavarian Charcuterie from Adler, Piller’s Black Kassel or Stiglmeier for the Bavarians’ favorite meal, the Brotzeit, the Bread Snack Time, in the late afternoon or early evening. Our air-conditioned Biergarten is the perfect spot to meet your friends and use your Stein! That’s an authentic Bavarian Happy Hour!

    • Natur Schnitzel

      Floured and Pan-Seared Schnitzel

    • Schwammer’l Schnitzel

      Schwammer’l Schnitzel

      A pan-seared Schnitzel topped with our wild Mushroom Ragout and served with a Bread dumpling and our fresh Vegetable Medley.

    • Tiroler Jäger Schnitzel

      Tiroler Jäger Schnitzel

      A large cut of natural, unbreaded Pork that is sautéed and topped with a rich Brown Sauce with many Mushrooms. Austrians prefer their Jäger Schnitzel just floured and pan fried, we offer you this choice as a friendly neighbor!

    • Schnitzel „Baden-Baden”

      Schnitzel „Baden-Baden”

      \s(h)nitzel bahd-n bahd-n\  This Pork Schnitzel is topped with half of a poached Pear, Lingonberry-Cumberland Sauce and melted Swiss and Emmentaler cheeses, served with your two favorite sites.

    • Schwarzwald Schnitzel „Staufen”

      Schwarzwald Schnitzel „Staufen”

      Schwarzwald Schnitzel Staufen” is topped with Adler Original Black Forest Ham, fresh Brie and tart Cherries soaked in Schladerer Kirschwasser, served with crunchy Potato Gnocchi and sauteed Spinach.

    • Knoblauch Schnitzel

      Knoblauch Schnitzel

      \kno b-laux\ We rub this Pork Schnitzel with Garlic and Lemon and serve it on a Garlic-Cream Sauce.

    • Hühner Paprika Schnitzel

      Hühner Paprika Schnitzel

      Chicken Schnitzel dusted with Red Hungarian Paprika and served on a Creamy Sauce.

    • Schnitzel nach Oberkellner Art

      Schnitzel nach Oberkellner Art

      \o bar kalner art\  A Pork Schnitzel topped with Herb Butter and served on a creamy sauce with a touch of dry white Wein.

    • Schnitzel Schwammer’l Salat

      Schnitzel Schwammer’l Salat

      Seven salads on your plate: Lean Schnitzel fingers with sauteed Mushroom salad on top Romaine lettuce with Chef Seth's chilled Potato Salad and our five signature mixed Salads: Tomato, Cucumbers, Cole Slaw, Red Beets and Green Beans.

    • Pfeffer Schnitzel 

      Pfeffer Schnitzel 

      \ˈpf‿ɛfɐ\  This Pork Schnitzel is generously covered with coarsely ground Black Peppercorns and served on a Creamy Pepper Sauce and your two favorite sides

    • Schnitzel nach Art des Weinhändlers

      Schnitzel nach Art des Weinhändlers

      \vainhandler\ A Pork Schnitzel topped with sautéed Onions that are deglazed in Red Wine

    • Rahm Schnitzel mit Kartoffelschnee und frischem Gemüse

      Rahm Schnitzel mit Kartoffelschnee und frischem Gemüse

      Pan-seared Schnitzel served on a creamy sauce derived from the pan, with mashed potatoes and our summer vegetables.

    • Gefüllte Schnitzel

      Stuffed and Breaded Schnitzel

    • Käse Schnitzel „Allgäu”

      Käse Schnitzel „Allgäu”

      \ˈkɛːzə\  A Pork Schnitzel filled with melted Gruyere and Emmentaler cheeses. Your Fondue is inside this Schnitzel!

    • Hühner Schnitzel „Cordon Bleu” 

      Hühner Schnitzel „Cordon Bleu” 

      \ˈhyːner kawr-dawn blœ\ A Chicken Schnitzel filled with Black Forest Ham, melted Gruyere and Emmentaler cheeses and two of your favorite sides.

    • Hühner Schnitzel „Gärtnerin Art”

      Hühner Schnitzel „Gärtnerin Art”

      \ˈhyːner\ \garten er in\ A Chicken Schnitzel stuffed with creamy Spinach, Leeks and diced Tomatoes.

    • Panierte Schnitzel

      Available with No Gluten Breading

    • Wiener Schnitzel

      Wiener Schnitzel

      \vē-nar, s(h)nitzel\ NG  Canadian Veal sautéed to a golden brown and garnished with Lemon and Capers

    • Schnitzel „Münchener Art”  

      Schnitzel „Münchener Art”  

      \ˈmʏnçṇer art\ Pork brushed with Horseradish and sweet Mustard,  sautéed and garnished with Lemon and Capers, served with your favorite two side dishes

    • Zigeuner Schnitzel  

      Zigeuner Schnitzel  

      \ts‿iˈgɔy‿nɐ\ Pork Schnitzel is topped with a spicy Paprika Sauce, Red and Green Bell Peppers and Onions and your two favorite sides.

    • Pork Schnitzel „Maximilian”

      Pork Schnitzel „Maximilian”

      Pork Schnitzel Maximilian” sauteed to a golden brown and topped with Adler Ham and two sunny side up eggs. The Bavarian Strammer Max Schnitzel.

    • Jäger Schnitzel mit Spätzle und gemischtem Salat

      Jäger Schnitzel mit Spätzle und gemischtem Salat

      This breaded schnitzel is topped with a rich sauce and many mushrooms, served with tiny pasta dumplings and our mixed vegetable salad

    • Schnitzel “Wiener Art”, Kräuter Kartoffelsalat und gemischtem Salat

      Schnitzel “Wiener Art”, Kräuter Kartoffelsalat und gemischtem Salat

      Breaded and pan-fried to a golden brown, served with warm herbed potato salad, and a mixed vegetable salad.

    • Schnitzel ά la Holstein

      Schnitzel ά la Holstein

      \ˈhōl-ˌstēn, -ˌstīn\   A Pork Schnitzel is topped with two sunny side up Eggs, Geheimrat Holstein’s favorite dish.

    • Regensburger Bockbier Schnitzel mit Kartoffelbrei und frischem Gemüse

      Regensburger Bockbier Schnitzel mit Kartoffelbrei und frischem Gemüse

      Pretzel crusted Schnitzel with a Bock Bier Caraway Sauce and Crispy Fried Onion Rings. Choose Pork or Chicken.

    • Auberginen Schnitzel auf Zigeunersoße mit Spätzle oder Pommes und gemischtem Salat

      Auberginen Schnitzel auf Zigeunersoße mit Spätzle oder Pommes und gemischtem Salat

      Lightly breaded, thin Eggplant slices are sauteed to a golden brown, served on a bed of the Spicy Tomato-Paprika sauce with either the tiny Pasta Dumplings or thick cut French Fries and our signature Mixed Salat

    • Blumenkohl Jäger Schnitzel mit Spätzle und gemischtem Salat

      Blumenkohl Jäger Schnitzel mit Spätzle und gemischtem Salat

      Breaded Cauliflower Steak sautéed to a golden brown, topped with mushroom gravy and served with our tiny Pasta Dumplings and our signature Mixed Salat

    • Bratfisch mit gekochten Kartoffeln und frischem Gemüse

      Bratfisch mit gekochten Kartoffeln und frischem Gemüse

      Sautéed and breaded filet of Tilapia with a hint of Lemon, served with boiled Potatoes and our fresh Vegetable Medley