• Schnapps - Ice Cold Shots

    • Berentzen Apfelkorn

      Berentzen Apfelkorn

      Apple liqueur made with clean apple juice and double distilled grain spirits.

    • Linie Aquavit

      Linie Aquavit

      From Norway – Produced from potatoes and flavored with caraway and herbs. Then the tastes are mellowed by rolling oak casks that travel through various conditions during a 4 and a half month voyage at sea crossing the equator twice.

    • Gilka Kaiser Kümmel

      Gilka Kaiser Kümmel

      The original Kümmel from Berlin.

    • Bärenjäger


      Rich, smooth and sweet honey liqueur.

    • Steinhäger


      Germany’s oldest dry gin, flavored with juniper.

    • Jubiläums Akvavit

      Jubiläums Akvavit

      Distilled from grain and potatoes, flavored with a hint of caraway, dill and coriander seeds – the water of life.

    • Wein - und Obstbrände – Wine and Fruit Brandies

    • Asbach Uralt

      Asbach Uralt

      Classic brandy from wines from the River Rhine, aged in small oak casks.

    • Schladerer Williams Christ Birne

      Schladerer Williams Christ Birne

      Clear pear flavored brandy from the Black Forest.

    • Schladerer Himbeergeist

      Schladerer Himbeergeist

      Fruity raspberry brandy with a great nose

    • Schladerer Kirschwasser 

      Schladerer Kirschwasser 

      Clear Black Forest cherry brandy

    • Kammer Obstler

      Kammer Obstler

      A Black Forest farmers treat distilled from pears and apples

    • Calvados


      The classic apple brandy from Normandy

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