Jim Rommel Alan Walling
Plays the accordian and brings out the text for all his songs, so everybody can sing along. Jim is a mixing German, Irish and American music, so sing along with “Edelweiss” and the “Bier Barrel Polka”. The funniest guy in lederhosen, he wil teach you the chickendance and some real goooooood BavarianBier Songs. On the weekends Alan asks Gordon to play the saxaphone and the clarinet with him. Either way, “It’s Oktoberfest” all year long. Visit Allan on the web at www.willpolkaforbeer.com
Kleine Blasmusik Manfred & Wolfgang
musicians-kleine Are from Austria, the play saxaphone, clarinet, guitar and they show you how to jodel and schuhplattel. And beware of “Otto’s” jokes. You might end up playing the tamborines and wearing a funny hat.
A small wind band as the name implies. Kleine Blasmusik Kapelle is comprised of local Dallas area musicians playing a large variety of songs and melodies from Germany and Austria. Imagine yourself at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, drinking beer, eating sausage, and listening to the band! Perhaps a waltz or polka will have you in front of the band dancing! You’ll soon be checking to see if your passport is up to date!
Unsere Bayerischen Musikanten