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Weisser Spargel mit einem Schnitzel nach “Wiener Art”

White asparagus with the favorite Vienna style Schnitzel with 3 spears

Weisser Spargel mit Lammkeule nach “Allgäuer Art”

White asparagus with slices of herb-stuffed, roasted leg of Lamb with 3 spears

Frischer Weisser Spargel im Würzburger Hühner Eintopf

Real chicken stew, from a traditional Franconian recipe, loaded with two giant spears of fresh white asparagus and fresh vegetables, Spätzle, poached scrambled eggs, potato pancake strips and homemade chicken sausage. Famous since the 4th game of the 2011 NBA Championship Finals! In a Bavarian size Bowl $22.75 Enjoy with a glass of Würzburger Silvaner or Julius Echter Hefeweizen from Würzburg

König Ludwig Schnitzel

Fairy Tale King Ludwig’s Favorite: A pan seared Schnitzel topped with spears of white asparagus and our velvety Lemon-sauce Hollandaise, served with parsley potatoes. We suggest 3 spears = 28.75, Add a cup of Sauce Hollandaise to any dish 3.5

Weisser Spargel mit geräucherter Entenbrust

White asparagus with house smoked medium-rare duck breast, sliced on Cumberland sauce. 3 spears 28.75

Weisser Spargel mit geräuchertem und gekochtem Schinken

Chilled spears wrapped with Black Forest and Westphalian Hams. Enjoy dipping into the light parsley vinaigrette and our low-fat creamy herb sauce. A great Appetizer for two to share! 4 spears

Weisser Spargel mit geräuchertem Lachs

White asparagus wrapped in cured, house-smoked salmon with Hollandaise sauce 3 spears

Wie viele kalte Riesen Spargel Stangen möchten Sie?

Choose the amount of giant CHILLED WRAPPED spears per plate 4.25 per spear

Weisser Spargel mit pochiertem Lachsfilet

Filet of Salmon, grilled, and poached in the creamy White Asparagus soup, with pastry crescents and a hint of lemon and our mixed salad

Weisser Spargel im Hühner Schnitzel nach “Spargelbauer Art”

Breaded Chicken breast stuffed with White Asparagus spears, Emmentaler Swiss Cheese Mousse, Black Forest and Westphalian Hams, with Mashed Potatoes and Sonja’s Mixed Salad.