Our Bier Philosophy – from 1993 until today

We like to offer our guests all the magnificent malted masterpieces brewed according to the first food protection law, the “Reinheitsgebot”, the Bavarian Purity Law, signed on April 23rd 1516 in Ingolstadt, Bavaria by Duke Albrecht IV that are legally available in Plano, Texas.

In order to give our guests the authentic experience every Bier shall be served in a Bier glass that has the matching brewery logo and matches the style of the Bier. We do not want to serve any Bier in a glass or Stein with the wrong Brewery logo! And a Hefeweizen deserves the properly shaped glass, while a lager glass will have another look! Heather and Juergen have personally visited most breweries and enjoy to work closely with our importers and distributors.

In order for us to offer a Bier as Flaschenbier, in Bottle or Can, the Bier glass size shall be equal to the container, or smaller as a .2 liter Stange is the preferred vessel for a Kölsch or a snifter is a perfect vessel for an Eisbock as the EKU 28 shows.

As of today we offer 38 different varieties from 15 different German, mostly Bavarian breweries. We are very successful selling these and in order to serve a Bier on draught, Fassbier, the Importer shall provide the distributor with at least 36 1/3 liter glasses, 60 ½ liter glasses and 12 1 liter Masskrug or glass prior to us adding the brand to our draught selection. We will purchase the kegs and glassware together with our first order. We will inventory the glasses every month and request replenishment as necessary. If we are not receiving replenishment within 12 weeks we will remove this brand from our draft selection and may continue to offer our guests the bottle/can variety as long as we have the properly labeled and sized glasses to serve our guests. If no glass replenishments are available for purchase we will not purchase any more Bier of this brand!

In order to provide our guests more information about our Bier selection we will update our webpage https://bavariangrill.com/bier-beer/ within 24 hours after starting to offer the brand via the Untappd ap. The Bavarian Grill Stein Club list that serves as our Bierkarte on the guests’ tables shall be updated within that week to reflect those changes.

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