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Schnitzel ά la Holstein

\ˈhōl-ˌstēn, -ˌstīn\   A Pork Schnitzel is topped with two sunny side up Eggs, Geheimrat Holstein’s favorite dish.

Wiener Schnitzel

\vē-nar, s(h)nitzel\ NG  Canadian Veal sautéed to a golden brown and garnished with Lemon and Capers

Schnitzel „Münchener Art”  

\ˈmʏnçṇer art\ Pork brushed with Horseradish and sweet Mustard,  sautéed and garnished with Lemon and Capers, served with your favorite two side dishes

Zigeuner Schnitzel  

\ts‿iˈgɔy‿nɐ\ Pork Schnitzel is topped with a spicy Paprika Sauce, Red and Green Bell Peppers and Onions and your two favorite sides.

Auberginen Schnitzel auf Zigeunersoße mit Spätzle oder Pommes und gemischtem Salat

Lightly breaded, thin Eggplant slices are sauteed to a golden brown, served on a bed of the Spicy Tomato-Paprika sauce with either the tiny Pasta Dumplings or thick cut French Fries and our signature Mixed Salat

Regensburger Bockbier Schnitzel mit Kartoffelbrei und frischem Gemüse

Pretzel crusted Schnitzel with a Bock Bier Caraway Sauce and Crispy Fried Onion Rings. Choose Pork or Chicken.

Jäger Schnitzel mit Spätzle und gemischtem Salat

This breaded schnitzel is topped with a rich sauce and many mushrooms, served with tiny pasta dumplings and our mixed vegetable salad

Schnitzel “Wiener Art”, Kräuter Kartoffelsalat und gemischtem Salat

Breaded and pan-fried to a golden brown, served with warm herbed potato salad, and a mixed vegetable salad.

Pork Schnitzel „Maximilian”

Pork Schnitzel „Maximilian” sauteed to a golden brown and topped with Adler Ham and two sunny side up eggs. The Bavarian Strammer Max Schnitzel.

Bratfisch mit gekochten Kartoffeln und frischem Gemüse

Sautéed and breaded filet of Tilapia with a hint of Lemon, served with boiled Potatoes and our fresh Vegetable Medley