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Obstquark Käsekuchen

Light crust Cheesecake filled with homemade Quark, a special soft white Bavarian Cheese, and Spring Berries and other seasonal Fruits

Makaroni mit würziger Wildschwein Bratwurst nach “Försterin Art” und gemischtem Salat

Grilled wild Boar sausage atop classic Pasta Bucatinis with our wild Mushroom, bacon and red Wine sauce and our mixed salad

Hühner Schnitzel „Cordon Bleu” 

\ˈhyːner kawr-dawn blœ\ A Chicken Schnitzel filled with Black Forest Ham, melted Gruyere and Emmentaler cheeses and two of your favorite sides.

Curry Knackwurst mit Pommes

We slice a pair of Knackwurst like in Berlin, and top it with homemade Currysauce and Currypowder, best known with French Fries, also available with our "grobe Bratwurst", the coarse grilled Wurst, the Cologne favorite. A German classic and fairly spicy snack.

Miltenberger Schnitzel mit Grüner Kräuter Quark Soße,

einem hart gekochtem Ei und Salzkartoffeln A Spring Classic: Breaded Pork Schnitzel under a creamy Lower Franconian light Green Herb Sauce, close to the Famous Frankfurter “Grüne Soße”, served with Boiled Potatoes and a Hard-Boiled Egg.

Weihenstephaner Kristall

The clarity of the Kristallweissbier is achieved through filtration, and it is the only top-fermented beer brewed by the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan that is not cloudy.

Waginger Rinderbraten mit Meerrettichsoße

Inspired by Waging Chef Alfons Schuhbeck: Savory braised beef roasted with a rich, creamy horseradish sauce, mashed potatoes, and vegetable medley.

Knuspriger Entenbraten mit Kartoffeltaler und frischem Gemüse

One half of a Roasted Duck with a crisp, crunchy skin, flavored with our special rotisserie Herbs, on its own juices, with a Potato Pancake and fresh Vegetables.

Frischer Fränkischer Wurst Salat mit Gewürzgurken und Semmeln

Our spring signature dish: Juicy Franconian Sausages freshly marinated in a light vinaigrette with fresh Spring Herbs, Chives, red Radishes, Onions, Parsley and authentic pickled Gherkins, served with 2 white Rolls. Dornfelder or Paulaner Märzen matches perfectly with this entrée.

Bratfisch, wie auf dem Viktualienmarkt, mit Kartoffelbrei und frischem Gemüse

Sautéed and breaded filet of Tilapia with a hint of lemon, served with mashed potatoes and a fresh vegetable medley